Special Damages

Special Damages are uninsured losses suffered as a result of the incident, which is not the pain, suffering and loss of amenity but any out of pocket expenses and losses such as;

  • Travel Related Costs, (Mileage, Public Travel Costs and Parking Costs);
  • Loss of Earnings and Lost Work Opportunities in Employment (Overtime, Shift Allowance, Bonuses, Holiday Pay and Income Loss from missed Promotion Opportunities);
  • Vehicle Related Losses (Motor Insurance Policy Excess, the Cost of a Replacement Vehicle ,Service and Unclaimed Road Tax if your vehicle is deemed beyond economic repair or Repair Costs, Damaged items in the vehicle, Loss of Use and Inconvenience, Storage, Hire and Recovery Charges and Loss of Diminution Value of your Vehicle if you have a prestige vehicle and the repairs conducted have caused a loss of value to your vehicle);
  • Damaged Clothing or other damaged items
  • Substituted Care related costs incurred (for Child Care, Elderly Care or Disabled Care);
  • Medical Treatment Costs (Prescriptions, Medication, Medical Aids, Physiotherapy, Acupuncture, Pain Manipulation and/or Chiropractic Treatment)
  • Any Care Claim (provided for by family or professionally paid services) for assistance with Personal hygiene and care, DIY, Gardening, Domestic chores in the home and Shopping errons.
  • Renovation or decoration costs professionally incurred that would otherwise have been done personally had the accident not happened
  • Alterations to your accommodation for changes or adjustments because of your physical needs and injury

This list is by no means conclusive.



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