Road Traffic Accidents

Currently there are over 10,000 Road Traffic Accidents on the roads in the United Kingdom, everyday. You can click here to veiw more detailed statistics.

General Information

Whilst travelling in a vehicle, either as a Driver or as a Passenger or using the Highway as a Pedestrian, the Driver of the vehicle and Riders of bicycles, mopeds and motorcycles, owe you a duty of care.This is a legal obligation, discussed in further detail below.

If it can be established that a Reasonable Level of Care is not exercised, this could enable you to have a right to a claim against the Driver or Rider who causes an accident to result.

In legal terms this is referred to as Negligence.

In the event of an accident where a Driver or a Rider has been Negligent, you have the right to make claim against the Driver or the Rider.

We will assist you with all aspects of your claim!

Law Connect Solicitors provide an all rounded service to alleviate the need for your insurance company to deal with matters related to your Compensation Claim. We will process your Compensation Claim directly to the responsible parties Insurance company.

This will include arranging affiliated service providers to recover your vehicle from the accident scene, arrange a hire replacement vehicle, organising repairs to your vehicle. We will ensure that all of the costs for the providing of these additional services are pursued directly against the responsible party’s Insurers, without recourse to you, with no extra costs to you.

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Legal Information

To raise a successful Compensation Claim legally, it has to be shown that the Driver or the Rider has;

  • Breached a duty of care (A legal obligation imposed on an individual requiring they adhere to a Standard of Reasonable Care while performing any act(s) that could Foreseeably Harm another)
  • Caused an accident to occur
  • Caused you to incur a loss as a result as a result of the collision

The standard of driving is governed/well recognised by the Highway Code, which has been considered by Judges in Courts in well established case law to help assess what the Courts consider as Negligent Driving.

Road Traffic Accident Checklist

Please go on to our Checklist page for a handy Checklist Guide on what you can do to assist your own Compensation Claim following a Road Traffic Accident.

Motor Insurance Bureau Claims

For victims involved in accidents where the Responsible Driver is not insured, not traceable or is a foreign Driver, a Compensation Claim can be pursued through the Motor Insurance Bureau. [Click here for further information]


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