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Personal Injury

If you have had an Accident or you were involved in an Incident, that was not your fault resulting in you sustatining an Injury , then you could be entitled to make a Claim for Compensation against the Person or the Organisation Responsible.

Law Connect Solicitors have a wealth of experience in handling Personal Injury claims and we can assist you with all aspect of your Compensation Claim.

Law Connect Solicitors are committed to making the Compensation Claims process stress free, speedy and as simple as possible for you.

We can offer our services on a completely no win no fee basis. 'No win, no fee', means exactly that, if you don’t win your case, you don’t pay Law Connect Solicitor’s Fees or Costs OR the othersides legal fees and costs either. So you pay us Nothing! And there are No upfront fees AND No Hidden Costs or Charges.

It is helpful that you consult us as quickly as possible because we can identify all of the investigations that are necessary, to assist you to achieve the most successful results for your Compensation Claim. It is often easier if you begin your Claim for Compensation quickly, so that these investigations can be initiated early and so that relevant information can be obtained Eg Cctv footage , witnesses and the police etc. We will also consider your medical needs to assess possible treatment that can be arranged for you to assist you with your recovery.

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General Information

The injury aspect of the Compensation, is legally termed General Damages. This is the pain, suffering and loss of amenity to determine the level of compensation is assessed on the extent of your injury and the affect that the injury has had on your lifestyle. Any out of pocket expenses you have, or are likely to incur are legally termed Special Damages. Click here for more information on Special Damages and examples of what these include.

There are time limits in which you must present your Compensation Claim aswell, so please ensure that you consider these Statutory Time Limits (visit the link for further information).

Claims Estimation

You can visit our Claims Estimation Page to provide some basic guidance on the valuation of a Personal Injury Award. We have provided a Body Map of the injured regions of a body with Estimations from Judicial Guidelines, (which are used as a starting point for consideration of Compensation Awards Settlements). Please note that this is provided as mere guidance only, as the consideration of any actual award settlement is a more complex process based on a detailed assessment and review of your Case.

How much could my Injury claim be worth?

Areas of Personal Injury that we cover:

View our Claims Process Page to see how we will handle and process your Compensation Claim.






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