Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB)

It is very unfortunate where a victim is involved in an accident, where, the responsible Driver is either not insured, a Foreign Driver or has left the scene of an accident without there being an opportunity to obtain any contact details and/or vehicle registration details, to trace the Driver’s insurance company.

Firstly, Law Connect Solicitors both understand and appreciate how frustrating this is, after being involved in what can be a traumatic event and finding that the Driver of the other Vehicle is not insured or cannot be traced.

Law Connect Solicitors will:

  • Provide you with Advice and Assistance to aid you to report this criminal offence of driving without Insurance or leaving the scene of an accident for police investigation and assistance.
  • Make all possible enquiries to locate an Insurance company that could be obliged to deal with your Compensation Claim. Insurance companies can be required to Indemnify your Claim for Compensation where they are compelled to act as a Road Traffic Act Insurer where the vehicle was insured by them even if the fault driver is not.
  • Present a Compensation Claim to the Motor Insurance Bureau to compensate your losses. (In the event that there simply is no redress for a Compensation Claim to be processed through an insurance company, an application can be made to the Motor Insurance Bureau.)

Background Information on the Motor Insurance Bureau

The Motor Insurance Bureau is a Non Profit-Making Organisation that has been set up by the government. It has been established since 1945 and it is funded by Motor Insurers to provide Compensation to the victims of accidents where the responsible Driver is either Uninsured or Untraceable.  

Foreign Drivers

The MIB also allows a Compensation Claim to be initiated under their scheme where the Responsible Driver is a Foreign Driver. An Application is made under the Green Form Scheme, where the Motor Insurance Bureau will provide a UK Agent to facilitate the Handling of the Compensation Claim against the Foreign Driver’s Insurance company.

MIB Process

The Motor Insurance Bureau can take a minimum of 3 months to investigate a Compensation Claim and do have a strict eligbility criteria that the incident is reported to the police to assist with the MIB Compensation Claim Enquiries.

The Motor Insurance Bureau will deduct a £300 excess against any Property Damage Claimed. (This will not include your Personal Injury or associated Personal Injury Losses)

You can also visit the Motor Insurance Bureau’s Website for further information by clicking on www.mib.org.uk

*You should always ensure that you report an accident to the police!*

Time Limits

To enable the Police to consider a possible prosecution claim against the Responsible Driver, the incident must be presented to the Police within 6 months from the date of the incident. If the incident is not reported to the police to investigate, the police will NOT be able to prosecute the third party and make any relevant enquires to locate information to assist your claim.

**You should always check with your local police station about reporting accidents as the time limits to report a claim may vary**

(The time limit to present your Compensation Claim for Personal Injury within the Civil Courts will still be 3 years)

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