Claims Process

We would firstly obtain a Medical Report, from an independent Medical Expert who is a General Practitioner or Specialist Consultant. This Medical Report is commissioned by us, to consider the extent and nature of your pain, suffering and loss of amenity that has resulted from the incident aswell as to identify any treatment needs that you may have.

This Medical Report (and any others that may be necessary) are then used as ‘the tool’ to measure the value of damages. We will consider Judicial guidelines and similar Case-Law that has been ordered by Judges in Court cases that involve cases that are similar to yours.

The settlement process can involve a discussion and negotiation process with the Responsible Parties Insurers or Representatives.

If a settlement cannot be agreed upon between the parties, your claim will be issued at a local County Court and where necessary presented before a Judge to consider, at a Court Hearing, where the compensation award will be assessed by the Judge. A Court Hearing is usually only necessary where the claim cannot be agreed between the parties. We will not issue proceedings readily to gain costs. We also will not hesitate to issue proceedings as quickly as possible, where it is necessary to do so, to ensure that your claim is not prolonged or delayed unnecessarily.

Claim Settlement Time Frame

The time frame to settle a claim varies from claim to claim, depending on liability, medical issues and the nature of the negotiations between the parties on each individual claim.




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