Accidents At Work

It is reported that 603,000 workers had an accident at work between 2010 – 2011 in accordance with the Health and Safety Executive.

26,000 of these injuries were classified as major injuries and 171,000 were classified as fatalities.

See further statistics at the HSE Website.

There are Statutory and Regulatory Requirements that all Employers are obliged to comply with, to ensure that your Working Environment is Safe. A Compensation Claim can be pursued against your Employer (current or former Employer) in the event that you are involved in an Accident at Work where Employers do not comply with their obligations.

The Statutory and Regulatory Requirements to consider any potential Compensation Claim is contained in a complex set of materials, which are found in a number of Statutory Acts and Regulations.Click here for details.

A Compensation Claim can be bought against Employers for incidents at Work involving for example:

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