Defective/Faulty Equipment -  The usage of equipment or materials that are not appropriate for the work or job role and/or defective faulty equipment or materials

Accidents and Injuries at work can often be caused by Defective Faulty Work Equipment or Equipment that is not appropriate for the work involved.

Unfortunately, accidents caused by Defective Work Equipment are very common in UK workplaces. The range of potentially Dangerous Work Equipment that you may come into contact within a workplace environment is exceptionally wide (incidents can result from a kettle or a chair to an operating piece of machinery).

Law Connect Solicitors are Specialists Experts in the field of Injury Claims that result from Defective Work Equipment in a Workplace and Law Connect Solicitors are Experienced in responding to the issues that can arise in claims that result from Inadequate, Defective or Faulty Work Equipment.

Law Connect Solicitors have Expertise in challenging any issues where a Claim is denied by Employers and their Insurers. Employers often fail to provide adequate Risk Assessments for the appropriate and correct Work Equipment or fail to provide adequate training for the use of Work Equipment.

We can arrange, where necessary, to commission Consultant or Engineering Expert Reports to test the challenges of any Work Equipment related disputes that are raised as an issue for a Claim. We would then use these Expert Reports as Expert Evidence to report on the technicality of the defect to provide evidential testimony before a Court.

Injuries that result from Defective Work Equipment are known commonly from resulting primarily in the Industrial Sector. However, Injuries resulting from Defective or Faulty Equipment is not exclusive to only the Industrial Sector alone. In the Industrial Sector, Serious and Dangerous Accidents are probably more common. This is because much of the Equipment used in the Industry Sector is heavy operating machines and these can be part of an automated production process, which increases the risk of an Injury occuring because of the sheer number of factors that can go wrong.

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